Welcome to Erasmus+ KA1 Courses at Barcelona!!

We offer you a diversity of training opportunities based on our own ready-made programs or new courses tailored to your demand and catering to your specific interests, timing and calendar with the best in-company or external know-how.

Our courses are designed for teachers, adult educators or private/public organisations’ staff according to the EU objectives within the learning mobility action of the Erasmus+ programme – KA1.

Courses Highlights:
Duration: One week (5 days) / two weeks (10 days)
Hours: 20 hours in total – 40 hours
Schedule: Monday to Friday. From 9:30 to 13:30
Price: 80€ day
Location: Barcelona (Spain)


1. Creating a green organization
2. Early school leaving prevention skills for teachers.
3. Emotionally intelligent group management.
4. Integration of migrants and Cultures in Practice.
5. How to improve listening and speaking skills using AI in language teaching.
6. New and old child-centred pedagogies:
Montessori, Waldorf, Decroly, Reggio Emilia and their current local applications.
7. Development of entrepreneurial competencies for youths.

8. Digital literacy and tools 2.0.

9. Gamification: how to integrate the techniques of gaming in your daily tasks”

We can facilitate any other kind of training, be it technical or humanistic by means of our network of expert trainers.

Make sure to contact us at info@mmprofuture.com or by Facebook.